Wall painting during the pandemic and what to expect come 2022

The two pandemic years differ regarding the reasons people chose to paint their walls. 2020 saw wall painting soaring. The consumers, being at home for extended periods of time, apart from the concern for cleaning (54%), sanitizing (35%) or their walls’ yellowing (25%) also expressed a desire to change the color palette or decor of their homes (22%). In 2021 there are fewer brand rejection reasons, notoriety and consideration stagnated or fell. There are fewer people mentioning cleaning (47%) or even redecorating (13%).

The pandemic changed habits, making people more involved in the home renovation process than befire

If in 2019 35% of consumers painted their home by themselves, 33% alongside another family member, acquaintance, or professional painter and 32% left it entirely for someone else to do, in 2021 40% painted by themselves, 38% received help from someone else and only 22% were not at all involved with painting their house.

Regarding choices made, wall colour is selected together with the partner more frequently than the brand and neither decision needs validation from a professional. Those with higher household incomes are more prone to making decisions as a couple both with regards to brand as well as colour.

One of the washable paints with good momentum during the pandemic is Evrika. It started its communication campaign in 2020 to showcase its products and new packaging, and its brand image consolidated throughout these two years. Among consumers, this brand’s differentiators are connected to personality traits such as honesty and a free spirit, and its emotional benefit is linked to “it helps me express myself when I decorate”. Among professional wall painters Evrika stands out as a trusted brand, considering its functional advantages: “easy to use” and “allows the walls to breath”.

The manager of the Paint Azur Timişoara team, Narcis Obeada, tells us about the investments they have made to meet the promises made in their product communications. “We have our own labs where we develop and test Evrika products. We continue to invest in research and development. We made major adjustments in our recipes and use best quality raw materials in order to offer products at the best quality to price ratio.

What will happen in 2022 to the washable paint market?

Starting with September 2021 we saw a new increase in the prices for raw materials within the wall paints sector, and as a producer we are currently facing additional pressure. The impact on the product’s final price is high, as raw materials make up more than 60% of its cost, to which we must add energy and fuel which, likewise, have seen record increases.”, states Narcis Obeada.

The price increases related to the type of raw materials are:

The study carried out by Wisemetry Research during November 15th – December 10th 2021 sought to investigate usage behaviour and consumers and professional painters perceptions regarding the most important brands on the market. It interviewed a sample of 500 recent users of washable paint, aged 25 to 60, urban dwellers, and a sample of 300 professional wall painters.

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