Violeta Bahaciu

For almost 20 years I have been embracing challenges in market research. I have never stopped “doing” – running, learning, teaching, leading, searching - as a GfK employee, as a volunteer, or as a believer that I can become a better version of myself.


I am fascinated by the journey from study design to insights creation, and the customized ad-hoc research fits me very well. To me, working with data means dynamism, adrenaline, creativity, adventure, courage, flexibility.

Alina Popa

17 years since I crossed paths with market research. An unplanned and lucky match! I occupy an analytical mind and have a thirst for knowledge. As a result, I enjoy diving into sets of data to get a grip on a new story about brands and consumers.


"Life of data" is tangled with mothering twins, and teaching yoga. I enjoy discovering new things about people and society, education and personal development, mindfulness, meaningful lives, and our wonderful bodies.

Tania Chilin

Throughout my 12+ years career in social & market research I have always been guided by a strong desire to find solutions to people’s problems. I have an inquisitive mind that, like a watch, never stops ticking.


To me, data are like a good book that you can’t put down: they tell a great, captivating story.
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